Academic Staff

Head Teacher, Lower Grade Section: Mrs. Bunmi Nwadialor

Mrs. Olubunmi Nwadialor is an educational administrator and Head-teacher of the lower grade section at Pampers Private School. Previously, Olubunmi worked as the Head-teacher of the Nursery section of Pampers Private School, Alaka, Lagos.

She received her National Certificate of Education from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, from the Lagos State University; her Bachelor’s in Education and a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Lagos.

Passionate about children, her choice to begin her career as an educator was only natural. With over 20 years’ experience, a God fearing, disciplined, and dedicated teacher and mother, Bunmi is active in supporting and encouraging teachers through continuing education, staff development and leadership roles.

Education doesn’t end in the classrooms, Bunmi was the former coordinator of the Girls Guides, PPS, and also the responsible for such activities as the “water week” which emphasized the importance of healthy eating and drinking practices, and the nursery section’s “Professional Week”.

In her free time, Bunmi loves to catch-up with current happenings in education and politics, while sneaking in the occasional movie.

Able to relate effectively to people at all levels and of diverse backgrounds, and a personal favorite of many of her “little” clients, She makes sure that new pupils are welcomed in a way that has become customary in Pampers Private School.



Head Teacher, Nursery Section: Mrs. Stella Ossai

Mrs. Stella Ossai is an astute school administrator, a B.Ed graduate of Guidance and Counselling of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a Masters degree holder in Educational Psychology from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.

Stella Ossai had a brief stint with a private firm, working as a Customer Service Executive before joining the services of the school in September, 1999.

With good,clear and confident communication skills,strong interpersonal and leadership qualities and ability to work in a team,and under pressure; She is currently the Head Teacher, Nursery section of Pampers Private School, Alaka, Surulere, Lagos. A recepient of several awards since joining the school. The Awards are but not limited to the Best Teacher award, Best Staff award, award for the Best dressed Teacher etc, with the most recent being the 2016 Award for Excellence.

Her strength lies in nurturing and caring for the children under her care not only to become great academicians but also to become great men and women of tomorrow.

She is also the Chief Editor of, Pampers Parents’ Bulletin, a termly informative and educative bulletin of the school.

In her quest for professional development, she has attended trainings in;

  • School Headship;
  • Setting up an early childhood centre (0-5 years);
  • Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS);
  • The Winning Employer ;
  • Integrated/Broad based Curriculum among others..







Acting Head Teacher, Primary Section: Mr. Iyakakwa Ojimmy

Mr. Ojimmy Iyakakwa is a chartered accountant, a mathematician and an educational administrator. He is presently the Acting Head Teacher of Higher Grades Section of Pampers Private School, Alaka, Surulere, Lagos. Previously, Ojimmy worked as the Assistant Head-Teacher of the Lower and Higher Grades Section of the school and the Mathematics Coordinator of Pampers Group of Schools, comprising Pampers Private School, Alaka and Lekki campuses.

He got his National Certificate of Education from the National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna, and his Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Lagos, Masters in Public Administration from Lagos State University, and Masters in Accounting from the Nigerian Post Graduate/Professional College of Accountancy, Jos, Plateau State.

Due to his love and passion for children, he has naturally decided to hold on to his career as an educator. With over 27 years’ experience, a dedicated, God fearing, disciplined, compassionate teacher and father, Ojimmy has the flare in encouraging teachers through staff development and continuing education programmes. He remains a role model to both teachers who had worked with him and learners who had passed through him.

Apart from his positive influence on curricular subjects, Ojimmy also functions effectively in the co-curricular domain of Educational pursuit. He has been the sports coordinator in Pampers School for more than two decades. He is the current coordinator of Co-curricular Activities (involving clubs and societies) in the school. He is also responsible for the organization of Summer School during long vacations.

Ojimmy has won awards from the National Mathematics Centre, Abuja, and Mathematical Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter, for producing champions in both National and Lagos State Mathematics Olympiad Competitions. In 2015, he received a special award from Lagos State Government for producing a National mathematics Olympiad Champion for the state. Apart from Mathematics, his pupils have also won several laurels in Creative English, Fine Art, Drama, Music and sports for the school.

During his free moments, Ojimmy likes listening to music, watching football competitions and working with figures.

Ojimmy is a pleasant personality who relates efficiently and effectively with all and sundry. He has the special flare to work with children particularly in laying solid educational foundation in them to bring about successes in their future endeavours.