Academic Staff

Head Teacher: Mr. Ayotunde Adejumo

Mr. Ayotunde Adejumo, a graduate of English from Lagos State University, joined Pampers Private School, as a young English Teacher in June 1, 1999. He was then in charge of the teaching of English for the Common Entrance class.

He is hardworking and a very resourceful individual with strong Managerial skills, high interpersonal astuteness. Ayotunde Adejumo has great enthusiasm for work and is totally passionate about everything he does. His drive, passion and commitment to duty saw him represent the school at various events and competition. He was also officially the school’s Master of Ceremony at every school function.

Adejumo Ayotunde got promoted to management level after four years as English Teacher when he became the School’s Monitoring and Admissions officer in 2003. Adejumo’s proven ability to identify business opportunities and provide the management and technical expertise soon saw him Pioneering and heading the Pampers Private School Lekki branch from 2007 with just 5 learners at inception to almost 400 presently

Ayotunde Adejumo is a prolific writer and musician, a Public Speaker and training facilitator and seasoned Master of Ceremony.

He has attended various trainings on leadership within and outside the country some of which include:

  • Leadership training on “Learning to Teach”         –           United Kingdom 2005.
  • Quality Leadership in Schools Programme.          -           South Africa 2007.
  • Teaching Out of The Box                                           –           A. I. S. Lagos 2014
  • Effective Human resource Management               -           C .I. A. Lagos 2012.





He has great relationship with staff members, parents, and most importantly, loved and revered as a father figure by all the learners from the Nursery to the Primary sections.

His personal philosophy is that “Every Child Matters”